Things You Should Know About Fillings

For whatever reason, anything that goes on at a dentist is enough to set fear into the hearts of many. For most things that a dentist does, this is fear that doesn’t need to exist, as dental procedures have come a long way and are now virtually painless. Take the filling. A filling is nothing to be afraid of and will actually make the affected tooth stronger and better than before.

By definition, a dental filling is a treatment that restores function by filling in a problem area. This could be a small part of a tooth or a large part of the tooth, but filling it in will cause the pain to cease and the tooth to be used again like nature intended.

Fillings can come in different forms. For example, a root canal filling is a restorative technique that fills the space where the dental pulp usually resides. This is after the root canal itself that has cleaned the tooth out. For a filling on a tooth other than one that has had a root canal, the dentist will first clean out the area of decay or remove the part of the tooth that is unsound. Then the filling itself is pushed into the remaining cavity or hole.

Fillings can be made of gold, porcelain, glass ionomer or cement, but most nowadays are made of amalgam which is a metal like substance. It is soft and pliable and the dentist will stick it in the hole thus building the tooth back up. Once the material sets the tooth is restored and you are good as new. Usually fillings can be done in a single dental visit and there is rarely a need for a followup.

Because the dentist is going to be drilling the bad stuff out of your tooth and pushing a material into it, they will freeze your mouth so that all you are left with is the sensation and no pain. As far as dental things go, getting a filling is one of the most popular and most done procedures. No pain, no muss and no fuss. You will be left with a brand new tooth that will act like it did before it got ‘sick’. The pain you felt when it had a cavity in it will be gone and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. What’s to be afraid of?